How to Increase Traffic to your Blog for Free

There is a new strategy in town to get more visitors to your blog. It's called Copromly and it promises to increase by 10 the reach of your social campaigns by using collaborative growth.

The Collaborative Era

The Internet has equipped itself with collaborative mechanisms to solve one of it's main challenges, namely, the creation of high-quality content. Wikipedia, Stackoverflow and Quora are just three examples of successful collaborative content creation tools.

Another major challenge is the distribution of that content, and collaborative growth seems to be a very promising mechanism to tackle it. Copromly is the first of a new generation of tools that exploits the combined social influence of a group of collaborators for their mutual benefit.

How Copromly Works

This is how Copromly makes use of collaborative growth to provide bloggers with a 10-fold audience reach in their social campaigns. If you are a blogger who wants to promote a blog post for free, the process is quite simple:
  1. You submit your post to Copromly
  2. Copromly provides you with a magazine featuring your post and presenting some posts from other bloggers. 
  3. Other bloggers promote their magazines. Some of them show your post.
  4. You promote your magazine (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, E-mail campaigns, Google+)
Thanks to step 3,
for every view of your magazine Cogrowly is able to provide you with 10 views of your post in other bloggers' magazines.

A Free Tool?

It is not clear if Copromly is going to remain free forever, but one thing is clear, right now they offer free lifelong licenses while they are in beta. I just gave it a try and here you have my magazine for this post:

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  1. HeyThanks,
    Yes the bounce rate did increase.
    A bounce in Google analytics is basically a person who saw a single page on your site unless you spec it otherwise.
    People view 1 page on your site for one of these 2 reasons:
    1- they didn’t like what they saw and left.
    2- they found exactly what they needed and they left.
    In this case, the bounce rate didn’t increase as a direct result of the redesign. It did increase as a result of the increase in popularity of the page.
    As you can see, the page is now getting a LOT more traffic from social and search.
    Most of these visitors search for something/find something interesting, click through and leave after they found what they wanted to find/read about.
    If our rankings went down and the page stopped being shared again and again our bounce rate would almost certainly go down but honestly we’re better off with the traffic ;).
    Hope that makes sense.
    catmario online