Open a Business US Bank Account as a Foreigner

When you are setting up a US company, one of the steps of the process is to open a business bank account. This is a trivial step for a US citizen, but as stated in this post, it is by far the most problematic part of setting up a US company as a foreigner. So, let’s get ready for a tough one!

How to Close a US Company if you are a Foreigner

In this post I described the process of dissolving a US corporation.

If you are a foreigner, you own a US company registered in Delaware, but you don't have a US bank account, there is an additional challenge you'll have to face when dissolving your company: Paying your Franchise Tax

Although it may look like a trivial step, if you are a foreigner it turns out this can be a surprisingly tough challenge.

How to Close a US Corporation

I don't know about you, but I don't like starting something if I don't know how to finish it. In case of starting a corporation there are at least two happy endings: you get acquired or keep the company and maybe place an IPO.

But you should also be concerned about the case in which the business doesn't work and you have to close the company. This is something nobody seems to like talking about, but I think it's really important to know what this case looks like.

I've dissolved two US companies myself, so I've decided to write this post about the subject.

How to Create a US C-Corporation in 16 Steps

The process for creating a C Corporation could be explained in just a few steps. Basically, search for a company name, choose directors, authorize shares and pay. 

However, such a fairy-tale version of the process misses the most important questions, like what legal documents to prepare, where to incorporate, and how to breathe life into the company once it's created. 

The purpose of this post is to give a more realistic version of the process, including the main decisions that need to be made.