LinkedIn Introduces Product Showcase Pages

Millions of companies use their LinkedIn Company Pages to share content and opportunities. The best way to stay up to date with those updates is to follow the companies you’re interested in. However, some companies have a variety of brands and products. How can you tell Cisco you are particularly interested in their Enterprise Network Solutions, Security Products, or in their Internet of Things initiative?

 Starting this week, LinkedIn members will be able to follow the specific brands and products they care most about that have Showcase Pages.

Showcase Pages are designed for building long-term relationships with members who want to follow specific aspects of your business, and not for short-term marketing campaigns. It makes sense to create a Showcase Page when you want to establish a dedicated page to represent a brand, business unit, or company initiative. Before creating a Showcase Page, ensure that you have a plan for maintaining an active presence.

How to Create a Showcase Page

Here's how to get started:
  1. Identify business areas that need a Showcase Page
  2. Click the "Edit" menu on your Company Page.
  3. Select "Create a Showcase Page."
  4. Now you're ready to start sharing you content

For questions check out LinkedIn's Product Showcase FAQ 

I think the feature is interesting, but it looks the same as a regular company page. I would have expected them to provide the possibility to embed iframes, so that companies could get more creative in presenting their product. 

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