LinkedIn Introduces Product Showcase Pages

Millions of companies use their LinkedIn Company Pages to share content and opportunities. The best way to stay up to date with those updates is to follow the companies you’re interested in. However, some companies have a variety of brands and products. How can you tell Cisco you are particularly interested in their Enterprise Network Solutions, Security Products, or in their Internet of Things initiative?

 Starting this week, LinkedIn members will be able to follow the specific brands and products they care most about that have Showcase Pages.

Using FontAwesome with GWT

OK, What is FontAwesome and GWT?

  • GWT (Google Web Toolkit) allows you to develop your web app in Java and compile it to JavaScript
  • FontAwesome provides, among other things, free icons for your app. These icons are designed as fonts, so you can infinitely scale them and do any other stuff you'd do with a normal font. 

So, How can I use FontAwesome with GWT?

Explore the following diagram by clicking on the boxes...

90 Percent of People Don't know How to use CTRL+F

According to a study from Daniel Russel at Google only 10% of American Internet users know what CTRL+F does. Similar results have been obtained by another independent study.

It’s pretty amazing that so many people don’t know what such a useful key shortcut does, right? If you belong to this 90% you’ll be happy to learn that...

If you press the CTRL and the F (Command + F in Mac) keys at the same time you can search for a word in any webpage you visit.

If you are like me, CTRL+F is something you just can’t live without. Then, you might be interested in the following information.

Zombie Users in a Lean Startup

In the previous post we explained that only new users should be taken into account when validating your Lean Startup hypotheses, where by definition a new user has never been in contact with previous product versions.

OK, so we focus on new users and we are done, right? Not quite so, according to what we've learnt with browseye there are still some important caveats: In this post we'll talk about freshmen, veterans and zombies!

Gotcha: Any given new user goes through two distinct modes: freshman and veteran. Depending on the hypothesis you want to validate you'll want to work with new users in the first or the second mode. Mixing them can lead to fatal hypothesis validation errors.

Not all Users are Alike in a Lean Startup

A lean startup measures user behaviour in order to test some hypotheses and accquire validated learning. However, not all users should be taken into account when validating your hypotheses.  At least that's what we have concluded from our measurements with browseye. According to this learning, we discuss in this post which users you should be working with.

New vs. Old Users

Gotcha: When you deploy a new product version you should ignore the behaviour of the user base from previous versions (i.e., the old users). Old users will invalidate your learning!