Using FontAwesome with GWT

OK, What is FontAwesome and GWT?

  • GWT (Google Web Toolkit) allows you to develop your web app in Java and compile it to JavaScript
  • FontAwesome provides, among other things, free icons for your app. These icons are designed as fonts, so you can infinitely scale them and do any other stuff you'd do with a normal font. 

So, How can I use FontAwesome with GWT?

Explore the following diagram by clicking on the boxes...

90 Percent of People Don't know How to use CTRL+F

According to a study from Daniel Russel at Google only 10% of American Internet users know what CTRL+F does. Similar results have been obtained by another independent study.

It’s pretty amazing that so many people don’t know what such a useful key shortcut does, right? If you belong to this 90% you’ll be happy to learn that...

If you press the CTRL and the F (Command + F in Mac) keys at the same time you can search for a word in any webpage you visit.

If you are like me, CTRL+F is something you just can’t live without. Then, you might be interested in the following information.