Next Steps after Registering your own US Company as a Foreigner

This post is a follow up of  Starting your own US Company as a Foreigner. It explains what needs to be done once you have successfully registered your company. It focuses on US Corporations created by foreigners, although some things also apply to LLCs.

Checklist: You should have now in your hands:

  • Certificate of Incorporation (it may have different names in different states) signed by your incorporator (i.e., the person who registered the company for you)
  • Statement of Incorporator in which the incorporator name you as the owner of the corporation and terminates her/his powers. 

Right After Incorporation

After incorporation, the incorporators or first directors are required to call an organizational meeting of the directors. The purpose of this first meeting is to organize the corporation by adopting a number of resolutions that will allow the corporation to conduct its activities.